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Interactive Flowchart – outlining the process for getting an idea to market

flow chart thumbnail2The “Idea to Market” interactive flowchart (link below), will give the aspiring inventor a glimpse of the process that is required to successfully take an invention to the market. The document also points out some of the challenges in getting a financial return on his invention.

The “Idea to Market” interactive flowchart is based on the normal process that might be used for invention based on known science and technologies. If you are working with Over unity or ether based technologies, there will be additional challenges coming from both skeptics in engineering and science and also from the investors. You will be required to do additional proof of concept and validation testing to convince those who will be investing in you and your technology.

Plan each step and do additional research that is applicable to your invention. You do not have to do it all yourself. After a proof of concept, you can get other experts involved and/or sell you invention and let someone else take the risk to get the device to market. But in that option, you will give up control and a lot of potential financial returns.

Do keep in mind that NEST is at your service to help coordinate and assist you during the entire process.

Each of the blocks in the “Idea to Market” flow chart is linked to underlying text to provide an overview of that step. Just point and click to navigate through the different sections. View the interactive flowchart here.


IN THE NEWS… NEST posts Idea-to-Market Process interactive document – There are many steps involved in bringing an idea all the way to market. Over the past several months, two of our associates at the New Energy Systems Trust have prepared a primer about this process, which would be good for all of you to be familiar with, no matter what your role may be, whether inventor, investor, entrepreneur, or customer.

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